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Social service robot for nursing homes

9/27/2021 4:19:05 PM

PPM has made the important, strategic decision, to move into the health care sector. This, by taking advantage of the current, deep knowledge from industry, and extending this with the medical, psychological, and nursing perspective, into new, cutting-edge technology.

The special focus is service robots for nursing homes, to meet the future`s requirements to patient centered care; represented by high mental and physical activation, individual care and service on demand, and instant patient – relatives contact and communication.

The goal is to provide a service robot, capable of creating a patient – robot relation, so the robot can take a master role, when required, and establish a patient – robot collaboration to accomplish the task.

Different from current robots, our robot will use "robot body language" to communicate with the patients, because this strengthens the patient relation, increases the flexibility and reduces the cost of the robot.

Due to the highly, multidisciplinary challenge, PPM's team is strengthened with expertise in nursing, psychology, ethology and logistics. 

Currently, R&D is going on to develop service robots with social skills. The working title is ZatSuYoũ, 雑用!