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Simplify commissioning phase in your robot installations, by using an on-demand monitoring robot

9/27/2021 4:18:33 PM

Run-up of industrial robot systems, after installation are often tedious to get the process stable and efficient. In addition, it's often difficult to get information right from the spot, because humans can not enter the robot cell.

PPM has run an R&D project to develop a monitoring robot system, which can be placed on the spot, and utilized on-demand, to acquire process data during the optimization of the industrial robot system. No human observers need to be present, and the robot tracks dynamically the process, and can even be fine adjusted remotely (from the office) to acquire perfect data.

Mr Enrico Sita was responsible for this work and developed a break-through technology for user friendly, remote adjustment of the monitoring robot, by utilizing virtual fixtures.

Mr Sita recently got his PhD for this work, at University of West England / Bristol Robotics Lab.