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ROSWELD – Bringing modelbased, robotized multipass welding available for any ROS user

9/27/2021 4:09:45 PM

ROSWELD is a planning, monitoring and control software suite on an industrial quality level, for heavy industrial robot applications. The ROSWELD framework is built upon the synergy of available ROS components, being upgraded to the industrial quality level; with the new, high-tech modules for heavy robot applications developed within ROSWELD.

Additionally, the graphical multi-platform user interface FlexGui 4.0 with the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 9 (official Horizon 2020 TRL scale), is already a standard ROS tool to create easy-to-use interfaces to ROS-based robot and software applications.

A part of ROSWELD will be programming and planning software on TRL6 and will be adapted and exported to general ROS components. In addition, ROSWELD will use the following ROS components:

  • algorithms for path planning
  • roscore for basic messaging
  • rosbridge for platform-independent communication
  • rosbag for logging and debugging
  • MoveIt! for robot-independent movement planning
  • FlexGui 4.0

Additionally, ROSWELD will provide interfaces to robots and standard CAM systems, to ensure the portability between different platforms, and thus, preparing the ROSWELD technology to be applied in various industrial environments.