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PPM becomes the Norwegian distributor of F&P Robotics health care technology

9/27/2021 4:26:14 PM

PPM Robotics AS and F&P Robotics AG, in Zürich, have established a collaboration to bring F&P's health care technology to the Norwegian market.
The first product will be F&P's service robot, Lio, which represent state-of-the art on the market.

PPM will especially focus on nursing homes, where Lio can contribute to activate the patients, and release time for the nursing staff, to focus on their main tasks; patient care and medical treatment.

is working to find the optimal functionality and look of the 21st century’s healthcare service robots. We are working on market research with close collaboration with universities (including Nord University,

PPM will contribute with the deep knowledge in workflow and work organizing, to ensure successful implementation of Lio, and even, create synergies between Lio and the nursing staff.