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Meet PPM engineers at the Forum for Automated Production 2017 in Krokkleiva

5/12/2017 11:53:15 AM

PPM is a constant promoter of robotics and automation, on the local and international market.

Automated production is becoming increasingly important in Norway. In order to improve the competitiveness of the industry, production should become more efficient and profitable. 

The Forum will help to create partnerships between companies, equipment suppliers, specialist communities, as well as research and education communities. Forum for Automated Production is a meeting place to help to enhance value creation, profitability and competitiveness using automated solutions in the industry.

Organisers of the event are NFA, Norsk Industri and Ifea. The main themes of this year's conference are:

  • Flexible automation
  • AGV transport in the industry
  • Business visit to Spenncon Rail and Tronrud Engineering
  • Automation for small series
  • Human-robot collaboration
  • Future trends


The conference is a meeting place for industry leaders, production managers, academia and anyone who is interested in automated industrial production, and who will update the participants on latest trends in automation in the industry. Meet PPM’s engineers at the Forum for Automated Production 2017 to discuss your ideas, questions and automation plans for your organization.


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