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User training

PPM AS has long experience in robotics and robot installations and provides courses and training within the following topics:

  • Introduction to robotics, robot installation and robot programming
    This course provides you with the basic knowledge to enable you to start working with industrial robots.
  • Advanced robot programming online and offline
    (using SPORT software, AXonDesk, FDonDesk)
    This course provides you with profound knowledge in robot programming and demonstrates how to program the robot efficiently and user friendly using your personal computer.
  • Introduction to SPORT S3
    This course is dedicated to robot programming using SPORT S3.
  • How to make customized user interfaces using FlexGui
  • Robot application analysis
    This course considers your specific robot application. It provides methods to analyse and evaluate the costs and risks prior to the investment. It gives a good starting point both for own development, or to succeed in negotiations with a robot system integrator
  • Special customer courses on demand

Courses can be held in the Norwegian, English, German, Hungarian or Japanese. The location can be either at PPM's or the customer’s facilities.

Registered users have free access to webinars on product specific courses. Register here (link to Log in)

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