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Industrial robot systems

We accompany you through the entire automation process: feasibility study, planning, verification, installation, commissioning, optimization, monitoring, and maintenance.

PPM develops and implements industrial automated systems. We specialize on handling, assembly, grinding, deburring, and welding systems. Our projects run in close cooperation with our customers to achieve cost optimal solutions, short development time and rapid ramp-up after installation. The robot system can be delivered as a turn-key solution or as a joined development project with our customers.

PPM offers following common product sets:

  1. Robot, software tools & operator training
  2. Robot, software tools, operator training & support (mentoring, learning material, documentation)
  3. Turn-key solution (a fully robotized production cell): robot and other equipment, operator training, installation of the robot cell or automated production line, software tools, hardware and software integration according to the production process
  4. Feasibility assessment in the planning phase (feasibility analysis, risk assessment)

Our competence, advanced software tools and laboratory facilities enable short time to concept solutions and introductory tests. The purchase of the physical equipment can be initiated in a late stage of the project hence reducing the risk and assuring cost efficiency.

We implement solutions for any brand of industrial machinery. Since its establishment in 2000, PPM has been implementing advanced automation projects with robots from various manufacturers, e.g. ABB (S3, S4, IRC5), NACHI (AR, AW, AX, FD11) and OTC Daihen (FD-series). Our development is based on close collaboration with several robot manufacturers and our engagement in the ROS-Industrial Initiative.

We help you to plan, test, install and maintain your automated system. Together we will find the optimal solution for you and your company.


Feasibility studies

A feasibility study provides valuable insight into the technical and economic aspects of an automation project. It estimates systematic advantages, payback and analyses the risks and costs. The result of the study is a solid basis for your decision.

Are you planning to optimize your production? Are you considering purchasing new manufacturing equipment? PPM specialists help you to plan the installation, facilities, and efforts and help to assess potential risks.

The feasibility analysis

  • Provides valuable expertise about the robot system prior to implementation
  • Reduces development time and total costs of your robot system
  • Identifies and analyses all kinds of potential risks, provides risk avoidance measures
  • Reduces investment risks
  • Increases the competence and strengthens own position in negotiations with the equipment suppliers

PPM holds

  • High competence within both, robot technology, profitability and risk analysis
  • Experienced management and staff performing the feasibility analysis
  • Strong network and contacts to equipment and system providers
  • Strong network and contacts to R&D institutes with multidisciplinary expertise
  • Strong competence about project development methodology

The duration of a feasibility study ranges from one week to three months, depending on the complexity of the task.
Price for a feasibility assessment: ca. 5-10% of the total investment costs.



Obtain all-round training courses for your employees on how to use a robot system of your choice.

PPM has long experience in robotics and robot installations. We provide courses and training within the following topics:

  • Introduction to robotics, robot installation and robot programming
    This course provides you with the basic knowledge to enable you to start working with industrial robots.
  • Advanced robot programming online and offline (using SPORT software, AXonDesk, FDonDesk)
    This course provides you with profound knowledge in robot programming and demonstrates how to program the robot efficiently and user friendly using your personal computer.
  • Introduction to SPORT S3
    This course is dedicated to robot programming using SPORT S3.
  • How to make customized user interfaces using FlexGui
  • Robot application analysis
    This course considers your specific robot application. It provides methods to analyse and evaluate the costs and risks prior to the investment. It gives a good starting point both for own development, or to succeed in negotiations with a robot system integrator
  • Special customer courses on demand

Courses can be held in Norwegian or English. Trainings in German, Hungarian or Japanese are available on special request. The location can be either at PPM's or the customer’s facilities.

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PPM provides on-site and remote support and maintenance services. The extent of these services is based on mutually agreed terms and conditions for each installation. The personnel in charge for the maintenance has years-long experience in the specific field.

An automated system is never static. Changes in production or demand may require adjustments. We are proud of our customer service that always listens and finds solutions that lead to overall improvements.

PPM integration specialists provide the product and application experience in implementing complex automation solutions in the manufacturing industry. We bring together the hardware and software components into one automated system and ensure that the subsystems smoothly function together according to our customers’ requirements.

We offer extended warranty on our installations if service agreement is signed. Warranty period starts from the date of system overtake. Standard warranty is one year.

Our warranty includes among others:

  • Free telephone, email, chat support during working hours (0800-1600)
  • Yearly maintenance visit
  • Extra service tasks at discounted rates
  • We provide one-year warranty on replaced parts