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Robot programming tools

PPM offers software for fast and simple set up and operation of industrial automated systems. Users of our robot programming software rage from non-experience people on the shop floor to IT specialists and integrators. No pre-existing knowledge or programming skills are required to start working with the software.

Based on long experience in manufacturing sector and the food industry, our solutions reflect the common industrial processes.

For production sites with specific requirements and environment conditions we develop tailored solutions based on our long-year experience in the field. For most of the industrial applications our customers use universal solutions FlexGui and SPORTS3

FlexGui 2.0

Highly flexible, intuitive graphical user interface for industrial robots


User-friendly, safe robot programming, control and backup for older generations of industrial robots

FlexGui 4.0

Improved user experience, extended compatibility

FlexGui and SPORTS3 help you to plan, test and maintain your automated production or a robot system.

Contact us for further information.