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PPM Robotics AS delivers a wide range of industrial robot arms for various applications. Our years long partnership with NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP and NACHI Europe GmbH makes sure we provide our customers with high quality service and extensive competence throughout their automation projects.

NACHI robots are built by NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP in Japan, which was founded in the city of Toyama in 1928. Kohki Imura, the founder, named the company FUJIKOSHI to give concrete expression to his creed that self-sufficiency in machine tool supply is indispensable to Japan's economic prosperity.

NACHI-FUJIKOSHI CORP is a leading industrial robot company and its robots are applied by many well-known manufacturers all over the world in many different industries.

We provide the adequate robots for

  • Material handling
  • Assembly
  • Machine tending
  • Palletizing
  • Cutting
  • Sealing

and numerous special applications.

NACHI robots are reasonably priced and maintenance costs are generally lower than with other brands.

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OTC DAIHEN Robots and Welding Equipment

The increased interest in robotic welding made it natural for PPM Robotics AS to deepen its cooperation with OTC DAIHEN Europe. Regardless if it is a simple weld or a complex, multilayer, weaving pattern weld, PPM Robotics AS can deliver complete welding solutions.

The DAIHEN Corporation or OTC was founded in 1919 in Osaka Japan. Since the beginning of 2008 the company headquarter is located in Kobe (Japan). The DAIHEN Corporation employs about 2.800 workers worldwide. A global leader with operations spanning nearly every continent, OTC DAIHEN delivers best-in-class quality and reliability for customers of all sizes, spanning diverse industries.

The OTC DAIHEN product range includes among others:

  • Welding and handling robots
  • Welding machines
  • Special welding processes
  • Positioners/sliders
  • Welding torches
  • Sensors
  • Welding consumables and accessories

With a wide range of high-performance products, customized services, and industry-leading support, OTC DAIHEN is your one-stop-shop for innovative welding and robotics solutions.

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F&P Robotics

The increasing demand for safe human robot collaboration inspired PPM Robotics AS to extend its product portfolio. This led our company to become a Nordic distributor for F&P Personal Robotics in 2018.

F&P Robotics AG was founded in January 2014. The corporation is headquartered in Glattbrugg, Switzerland, next to the Zurich Airport. Patents and new designs for the robot-family P-Rob® were submitted and in June 2014 the official launch at the Automatica in Munich and the ICRA Robot Conference in Hong Kong took place. Since then P-Rob 1R and P-Rob 1U are delivered to customers all over the world.

In 2015 the next generation of the P-Rob was developed. In December 2015, P-Rob® 2 was officially launched. Not only the design was completely revised, but also aspects of robustness, stability and security were complemented. At the same time the software was developed. The software-concept myP® 1.2 was improved and complemented with several aspects.

P-Rob 2 is a robotic arm available in different variants (Power input: AC or DC, Operating voltage: 24V or 48V, different color combinations). This flexibility allows the robotic arm to be adapted to various needs and facilitates its integration and acceptance by operators. P-Rob is also the only fully integrated and embedded robotic arm. Its footprint does not exceed 300×300 mm2.

These unique features allow for quick and simple setup without the need of any external power adapters or control devices. All P-Rob models support a position repeatability of 0.1mm and a payload of up to 3kg. The cover of the robotic arms consists of a soft shell combined with a synthetic leather skin. It protects co-workers as well as the robot itself from external damage. The look and feel of F&P robotic arms is truly unique and contributes to a positive and collaborative human-robot relationship.

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