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About PPM Robotics AS


The founders, Trygve Thomessen, and Per Kristian Sannæs had years-long experience in applying state-of-the-art robotics to increase the productivity and the flexibility in the manufacturing industry. In the year 2000, they founded the high-tech robotics company Productive Programming Methods AS. The aim was to merge industrial automation and R&D competence to provide industrial robot solutions in Norway.

Since then, PPM AS (the company name was shortened in 2004) was delivering the most advanced industrial robot systems for grinding, deburring and polishing. It developed, among other projects, the world-wide unique robot grinding cell with on-the-fly robot programming functions.

In 2010, PPM AS entered into a strategic partnership with the Japanese robot manufacturer NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, expanding its business relations to Asia. PPM AS has become the main developer of NACHI's easy to use and to program interface FlexGui, which has been since then a standard application on all NACHI robots sold world-wide. In the recent years, FlexGui has been continuously developed to meet the requirements towards Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Today, continuing business as PPM Robotics AS, the company is an official distributor of industrial robots and accessories from NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, OTC DAIHEN and F&P Personal Robotics. It has a strong focus on the Norwegian market for industrial robots and advanced, easy-to-use robot systems within a broad variety of application areas. The company specialises on complex installations and accepts the challenge its customers are facing automating their unique production processes. Strong international R&D network is a backbone of PPM Robotics AS engineering work. It allows the company to keep the time from research to industrial implementation extremely short and therefore affordable.

The core team of PPM Robotics AS consists of eight full time employees holding university degrees in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, Informatics, and Economics. The company is strongly supported by solid investors and a strong sub-supplier network. This fruitful environment allows PPM Robotics AS to accomplish industrial and R&D projects in a fast and cost-efficient way and to face any technological challenge delivering robotic solutions for its customers.

Professor PhD Trygve Thomessen
Managing Director