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PPM becomes the Norwegian distributor of F&P Robotics health care technology

PPM Robotics AS and F&P Robotics AG, in Zürich, have established a collaboration to bring F&P's health care technology to the Norwegian market.
The first product will be F&P's service robot, Lio, which represent state-of-the art on the market.

2021-09-27 16:26

Social service robot for nursing homes

PPM has made the important, strategic decision, to move into the health care sector. This, by taking advantage of the current, deep knowledge from industry, and extending this with the medical, psychological, and nursing perspective, into new, cutting-edge technology.

2021-09-27 16:19

Simplify commissioning phase in your robot installations, by using an on-demand monitoring robot

Run-up of industrial robot systems, after installation are often tedious to get the process stable and efficient. In addition, it's often difficult to get information right from the spot, because humans can not enter the robot cell.

2021-09-27 16:18

New FlexGui 4.0 version is released

The new version of the FlexGui 4.0 ROS package is released. This package contains an automatic installation script for Apache2 and with all the necessary system components. The package can be downloaded from

2021-09-27 16:16

ROSWELD – Bringing modelbased, robotized multipass welding available for any ROS user

ROSWELD is a planning, monitoring and control software suite on an industrial quality level, for heavy industrial robot applications. The ROSWELD framework is built upon the synergy of available ROS components, being upgraded to the industrial quality level; with the new, high-tech modules for heavy robot applications developed within ROSWELD.

2021-09-27 16:09

BLACKBOX – A ROS based software tool for continuous monitoring of your factory

BLACKBOX is an automated trigger-based reporting, data recording and playback unit, collecting data from robot and manufacturing systems. It takes error reporting and recovery of industrial robot systems to a new level, by developing and utilizing the innovative ROS based framework. 

2021-09-27 15:58

State-of-the-art robotized multipass welding

Heavy multipass robot welding is very complex process. Thus, PPM has run a Model-Based Robotic Single- and Multi-pass Tungsten Inert Gas Welding research, carried out by Csongor Mark Horvath.The work was applied in the cutting edge, industrial projects, ROSWELD and CoRoWeld.

2021-09-27 15:44

SAM4ROB - PPM Robotics AS is responsible for the next generation robot safety system, SAM

The industrial trend is open, fenceless robot systems to allow easy access for humans to the robot cell, to assist and collaborate when desired. However, this poses challenges related to safety, human comfort and operation functionality.

2021-09-27 15:25


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