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FlexGui 4.0 Product Family

For more information about the included features, please visit FlexGui 4.0 Pricing page.

ROS Industrial

FlexGui 4.0 ROS Industrial is the ideal solution for developers and integrators working with the Robot Operating System (ROS). It offers a nice looking, easy to understand, and modern user interface to your ROS software.  It includes features like Offline work, Debug, Drag & Drop, Plug and Play, Multi Language and Scripting, thus all the features you need to make your ROS installation user friendly and sharp-looking with the smallest possible effort. FlexGui 4.0 ROS Industrial is free (….link to the Apache license); and is dedicated to test software and lab prototypes.

Read more about the included and optional features.

Professional Package

FlexGui 4.0 Professional is the single device version of FlexGui 4.0; containing full functionality for professional use.  It’s dedicated to make modern user interfaces to industrial devices. It contains all features of the FlexGui 4.0 ROS Industrial - and additional functions for easy editing, global scripting and intuitive programming wizards. Your UI setup and maintenance will take even less time using this package. 

In addition, our experts will assist you any time you’re facing challenges during your first FlexGui 4.0 project (Ready to use UI). You just need to describe what you want to do using FlexGui 4.0, and we make the screens for you, along with documentation how to develop further. 

Read more about the included and optional features.

Enterprise Package

FlexGui 4.0 Enterprise is the Industry 4.0 Standard version for factory planners and robot- / automation system developers. It helps you to control the whole factory from one single device. It also contains Remote Mode and an advanced support system with built-in chat, voice and video messenger. Having more factories and devices won’t slow you down anymore, our Expert Site gives you all the information you need at one single website.

Optional Packages

Optional packages are an ideal tool for specific applications in semi- or fully automated production. The Application Packages Palletizing Editor, Spot Welding Monitor, and Graphical Program Editor, or Support Packages as <48h Online Support are available as add-on solutions for the Professional and Enterprise versions.

However, this is in addition to the Ready to use UI where we assist you to setup your first FlexGui 4.0 project.

ROS Industrial Drivers

FlexGui 4.0 is compatible with all the ROS Industrial Drivers. This means, that you can control your ROS Enabled PLC, Motor controller, Sensors, Robots etc. with a single FlexGui 4.0 out of the box.

Advanced Device Drivers

In addition to that, we offer custom drivers for not-yet-ROS Enabled devices, such as NACHI FD/AX Controllers. The Advanced Device Drivers, contains extended access to the industrial robot controllers, both high speed communication, and direct access to internal robot controller variables (dependend on the type of robot controller). Thus, the Advanced Device Drivers contain what you need to make a full integration of your ROS software with an industrial robot, keeping an industrial quality level. 

FlexGui 4.0 Core

FlexGui 4.0 Core supports subscriptions for five nodes at a time. Exceeding this limit might cause a rate/speed reduction.

High Performance FlexGui 4.0 Core

The optimized FlexGui 4.0 Core supports unlimited nodes at a time.


All of the features described above are available as a free trials. For further information about the trial version of FlexGui 4.0, please visit this page.