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What is FlexGui 4.0?

FlexGui 4.0 is a new graphical user interface for Industry 4.0. With FlexGui 4.0 you can fast and easily create nice looking and intuitive user interfaces that are adapted to any operator`s skill.

Make your own user interfaces by assembling user screens using Fidgets (“FlexGui-Widgets”). Assemble multiple user screens for any purposes eg. program run, cell initialization, program testing and help functions. FlexGui’s graphical Belt-technology provides good overview, and instant selection of Fidgets and screens. All functions are touch optimized. Drag and drop, flick to scroll, intelligent copy and paste and much more.


The new version is based upon popular web technologies: HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. This way it is possible to run FlexGui 4.0 on PC, Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and generally on every device with a modern browser. You will have exactly the same user xperience n each. With free zooming adjustments, it's easy to fit the user preferences and screen size.

Flexible Communication Layer

FlexGui 4.0 is based on ROS-Industrial, which is an open-source project, provides a common framework for robotics applications. The framework supports many robots, PLCs, motor controllers, etc. and it is possible to extend the supported device list. Detailed tutorials are available on the ROS-I website to make a device adapter up and running within 30 mins!

Feature overview






Multi language

Remote mode


Offline work

 Easy communication

  • One-click call
  • Video+voice+text
  • Integrated

Global market support

  • 100% Coverage
  • On-demand languages
  • Paralell usage:
    • more operators - more languages 

 Expert Site

  • Automatic status reports
  • Multi-user handling
  • Support with
    • Remote view
    • Remote action visualization


  • Built-in themes
  • Use your company's colors

Works offline 

  • Assemble screens offline or out of the plant
  • Demo the solution offline
  • Copy and reuse easily
  • Backup and version control



Plug & Play


Drag & Drop


Factory Designer

 Easy to install

  • Plug in a new device
  • See on the list
  • Set up subscriptions

Easy to implement

  • Ready to use code
  • Minimal redundancy
  • Independent nodes
    • Problems are local
    • Resource scaling

 On demand debug screens

  • Drag and drop to build
  • Simple scripts to connect
  • Informative and interactive
  • Create test sequences
  • Add custom scripts to run
  • Check test result

 Main advantages

  • Simple & fast to use
  • Works by default
  • No coding required
  • No PC required

 Simple usage

  • Use the integrator defined user friendly variables
  • Make expressions using these variables

Advanced usage

  • Use the script editor to access the full JavaScript library
  • Add your own components

 Industry 4.0

  • Access all necessary components in the plant
  • Show them in a self describing way
  • Easy navigation through complexity levels
  • Flexibility
    • Easy to reconfigure
    • Easy to reuse
Built in Factory Designer
Drag & drop
  • Access
    • Devices
    • Cameras


The latest FlexGui 4.0 Industrial is launched online

Our commitment to the ROS-I community matures in our contribution by giving a part of FlexGui 4.0 as open-source project to interested users. The latest version contains many minor improvements, as well as an advanced stability check. 

2017-02-20 09:22

New FlexGui 4.0 release for NACHI robots

We are pleased to announce the new release of FlexGui 4.0. The intuitive robot interface and controll software is freely available for everyone who owns a FlexGui 2.0 license. 

2017-02-15 09:15


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