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Training courses

Introducing service robots into a nursing home might be perceived as a bit challenging, due to the fact that the service robots represent a new technology. However, even though the service robots can perform complex tasks, the "Getting started" level is not difficult to achieve, thanks to the intelligent sensing and control system of the robots. On the other hand, advanced applications require more training to be capable of utilizing the robots' complex functionality. However, this is also fully achievable if you're familiar with the use of a normal smartphone.

The training courses are organized in our Nursing Home Lab, where you can do the practical exercises in an environment like a real nursing home. You'll use the KOMPAÏ Assist robot, a service robot which is currently operating in nursing homes in Central Europe.

Our trainers have expertise in service robots and experience from working in nursing homes. Thus, the training will both include practical operation of the service robot and give advice about how to incorporate the service robots as a natural resource, providing added value to the nursing home's daily workflow.

PPM offers training courses on multiple levels where you can naturally develop your skills at a pace that suits you.

Our standard courses cover the following levels:

  • Level 1: Get familiar with the service robot and its various applications (1 day)
  • Level 2: Basic operation and programming of the service robot (1 day)
  • Level 3: Advanced operation and programming of the service robot (2 days)

And we can of course also tailor training courses to fit your specific needs.


Level 1

Get familiar with the application of service robots
  • What is a service robot?
  • What can a service robot do and not do?
  • Start-up of the service robot
  • Use of the robot's tablet, with its build-in user functions
  • Obstacle handling, human safety, and data security
  • Docking and charging procedures

Level 2

Basic operation and programming of the service robot
  • Programming / mapping of the building / rooms where the robot is going to move
  • Programming of the robot to move between different locations
  • Music, sound, and speech detection functions
  • Entertainment functions
  • Guiding and walking support for elderly
  • Remote operation
  • Basic service and maintenance

Level 3

Advanced operation and programming of the service robot
  • Customized user interface and rapid application launching
  • Structured offline- programming for complex applications
  • Use of add-on devices to the robot
  • Language selection and -switching
  • Introduction to artificial social skills
  • Advanced methods to ensure human safety and data security
  • Interacting with sensors in the robot's environment
  • Remote services, and operation
  • Interfacing the service robot to your IT infrastructure
  • Advanced service and maintenance