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About PPM Robotics AS

Our vision: Humans and service robots in perfect harmony and synergy

The founders, PhD Trygve Thomessen, and MSc Per Kristian Sannæs founded Productive Programming Methods AS, in year 2000. The intention was to create business by utilizing their strong R&D competence to create new, ultra flexible industrial robot solutions.

Since then, PPM (the company name was shortened in 2004) has delivered high-tech industrial robot systems for small series production, even one-of-a-kind, to the Norwegian and the international industry.

In 2010, PPM entered a strategic partnership with the Japanese robot manufacturer NACHI-Fujikoshi and expanded our business to Asia, by delivering the software module, FlexGui to NACHI's robot controller.

From 2019, PPM started a strategic process, to enter the market for service robots in elderly care. This, to meet the demand for high quality elderly services, under the coming, challenging conditions, due to lack of health care personnel. With PPM's strong industrial experience, combined with the lack of professional service robots for this demand, PPM has a strong competitive advantage.

This was even strengthened when PPM became share holder in the French service-robot manufacturer, KOMPAÏ Robotics SAS, from 2023. Together, PPM and KOMPAÏ develop state-of-the art within service-robots with artificial social skills; especially dedicated applications in modern nursing homes and hospitals.

With our 20years experience both within industry and R&D, we're offering our customers functional, user friendly and reliable service-robot solutions, being installed and certified according to the modern quality standards.

Professor PhD Trygve Thomessen
Managing Director
Head of R&D